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A Guide to Choosing a Theme

Updated: May 8

What do you like? That’s a pretty simple question but actually very hard to answer when it comes to choosing a theme for your wedding. A theme or a colour scheme is one of the first things you should think about when you start planning your wedding. I found that choosing the theme helped all of the other things fall into place, like what style photographer would suit, which event stylist would fit the bill and what colour bridesmaid dresses matched! Pinterest is going to be your best friend while you’re planning your wedding so make sure its on your Home Screen! Think about your favourite colour, your vibes and themes! Themes are suited to couples who have a clear style, wether that’s Halloween, Christmas, Elegance or your favourite film, remember this is your wedding so you can be as extravagant or not as you want! Typically, couples choose a colour scheme, ours is black, gold and dark red for an alternative look. Find a theme or colour scheme that is to die for!

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