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A Guide to Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Updated: May 8

Okay so, this I something I had no idea about before I started planning my wedding.. All wedding photographers are different! Photographers have very different styles, especially wedding ones! Although finding an appropriate wedding photographer is a little easier as most of them have the classic bright, posed and beautiful style to them, you’ll never be short of these! But if you’re looking for something a little different, like I did, then it takes a bit more work. I wanted natural, moody, a little different and unique. So after weeks of social media scrolling and rigorous googling we chose one and prayed he was free for our date. Tip; meet your photographer. When we met ours, we just clicked! We cannot wait to have him as such an import part of our day. Wedding photography is an investment, not something you should take lightly as apart from your personal memories, this is the only physical memories you will havre of the biggest day of your life.

We chose Darren Lovell for our big day, check his incredible work out!

We would love to recommend Agrestal Visuals, their incredible emotive pictures are just perfect

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